Manually 300mm Sanitary Plug Valve Q235A Two Way Pneumatic Valve

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: CHEEGERS
Certification: CE
Model Number: THFX
Minimum Order Quantity: 1unit
Price: USD500~4600/unit
Packaging Details: Plywood
Delivery Time: 40-45days
Payment Terms: T/T, D/P, D/A, L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 200units per month
Name: Two Way Plug Diverter Vlave Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Drive: Pneumatic Cylinder: Festo, Or Others
Pipe Diameter: 300mm Connection Type: Welding, Flange & Others
Weight: 100-300kgs Flange Type: Squre Or Round
High Light:

300mm sanitary plug valve


Manually sanitary plug valve


Q235A two way pneumatic valve

Manually Hand Wheel Type Gravity or Pneumatic Two Way Plug Diverter Vlave

Product features of powder three-way diverter valve:

1. The conveying channel is smooth and clean, and the material flows smoothly without clogging;

2. According to the material characteristics and conveying conditions, there are multiple structural forms: ball type, rotating plate type, and barrel type;

3. The user can independently choose the appropriate installation angle according to the needs of the conveying pipeline;

4. In occasions where pressure sealing is required, a special sealing structure can be configured to fully meet the requirements of use.

5. The housing and main parts are all tightly cast, with solid structure, high strength, not easy to deform, and beautiful appearance;

6. The polishing accuracy can reach 400#, which can reach the requirements of pharmaceutical grade;

7. Various materials can be selected according to customer requirements: stainless steel (SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L), carbon steel, etc.;

8. Automatic control system to ensure excellent operational reliability.

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Manually 300mm Sanitary Plug Valve Q235A Two Way Pneumatic Valve 1


Powder two-way diverter valve, three-way diverter valve commonly known as diverter valve, three-way reversing valve, shunt valve, three-way shunt valve, splitter, three-way splitter, switching valve, three-way conversion valves, cross-way valves, three-way diverter valves are special equipment used in solid materials (powder, granular materials, powder-grain mixtures, flakes, etc.) conveying systems to switch the flow direction of materials in pipelines. For powder reversing valves, it adopts pneumatic control mode and is made of stainless steel. The completely sealed structure is suitable for outdoor environments. Our company specializes in the production of diverter valves suitable for various material switching, ball plug type, plunger type (cylinder type), rotary plate type, swing plate type.
◆ Using AirTAC cylinders (users can also choose German Festo cylinders) and solenoid valves, the work efficiency, reliability, and accuracy are greatly improved, the installation is convenient.
◆ Adopting German IFM signal transmission switch, IV5014IVE4015-CPKG is of reliable quality, ensuring the accuracy of the signal.
◆ The valve body is made of: QT600-3 ductile iron or 304 stainless steel. It is formed by casting. After aging treatment, the route housing is made of cast aluminum, which is light in weight and easy to install and maintain.

Main materials

Part Name Material Name
Valve Body Q235A,16 manganese steel, stainless steel, carbon steel
Seal ring Q235A,16 manganese steel, stainless steel, carbon steel


It is mainly used in pneumatic conveying to changing the conveying direction. It can reach two ways in and one way out, also can meet one way in and two ways out. We generally offer three drive types for the plug diverter valve, one is manual type, one is electric type, and the other one is pneumatic type.

We offer AirTAC and Festo cylinder. The solenoid valve goes with cylinder is DV24V, double coils.

Manually 300mm Sanitary Plug Valve Q235A Two Way Pneumatic Valve 2

Manually 300mm Sanitary Plug Valve Q235A Two Way Pneumatic Valve 3

Dimension Display

Manually 300mm Sanitary Plug Valve Q235A Two Way Pneumatic Valve 4



Pneumatic two way valve size  
  A B C C1 D D1 Dg d0 L L1 L2 L3 M Φ
THFX6.5X2 100 80 85 155 80 158 65/68 73/76 95 20 330 575 M8 8
THFX8X2 115 100 98 165 90 176 80/86 89/95 105 20 320 575 M10 8
THFX10X2 140 120 105 175 95 198 100/106 108/114 120 20 315 590 M10 10
THFX12X2 170 140 125 195 110 230 120/125 130/133 140 20 345 695 M12 10
THFX15X2 210 160 140 215 125 265 150/158 159/168 160 22 355 715 M12 10
THFX18X2 240 180 155 230 135 295 170/180 180/190 175 22 365 715 M12 10
THFX20X2 280 220 175 260 155 335 203 219 200 25 425 875 M12 10
















Factory Overview

CHEEGERS is the professional manufacturer of rotary valves, magnetic separators, etc which are widely used in pneumatic conveying systems. We have a professional R&D team, they are able to meet various requirements raised by clients. After a thorough analysis of your system, the sales managers can select the best model for you. Plus complete after-sale services are completed, our technicians are always pleased to help with your malfunctions, overseas services can even be satisfied if necessary. Meanwhile, OEM/ODM is welcome.

With integrated cooperation, our products exported to over 30 countries and areas, like Germany, Italy, Canada, Southeast Asia, etc. we are striving to broaden the selling network and add service agency.

Our products and sales services both gained highly speak of from customers. Believe we can do better and better.

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Handling Material

With small size, elegant appearance, compact structure, convenient operation etc, it is widely used in grain, food, feed, grease, chemicals, electric power, port and wharf, storage and transportation industries etc.

For different sizes, shapes handling material with different charateristics, we have professional plans and solutions to deal with them in pneumatic conveying system.

Manually 300mm Sanitary Plug Valve Q235A Two Way Pneumatic Valve 6


Plug Diverter Valve Model Interpretation

               Chegers Machinery DV Series Diverter Valve Model Interpretation
Model Format:Product Model.Classification Model-Size of Shunt Pipe (Values are measured in millimeters)
Like DV-P.P-65×2
Product Model English Interpretation
DV-P Diverter Valve-Pneumatic
DV-G Diverter Valve-Gravity
Classification Model  
W Plug
T Ball
P Clapboard
Note: Flange standard, material requirements, accessories, transmission form, power configuration and so on are explained in the product remarks.

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