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Why Choose Us?

CHEEGERS has been producing rotary valve, diverter valve and magnet separator for over 60 years. We are expert in this feild.

CHEEGERS has been in this field for over 60 years.

CHEEGERS service is as good as our valves, reliable and trustworthy.

Cheegers foreign department is like a family.

company news
  • china latest news about HT600 Dust Collector Rotary Valve
    2021-10-18 HT600 Dust Collector Rotary Valve
    For Cement Plant Dust Collection HT600 Dust Collector Rotary Valve PRODUCT INTRODUCTION To be used under negative pressure conveying cyclone, dust collector rotary valve adopts detached foundry, of which all components have been precisely processed before assembling. It has exquisite configuration ...